Preserving Agricultural Lands in Littleton


MAGIC Agricultural Project.  Littleton is a lead community for the agricultural project being undertaken by the MAGIC (Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination) subregion of MAPC. Read the January 2014 report.  Read more.

Agricultural Opportunities in MAGIC: Grow Local, Eat Local; MAPC Calendar Page March 2014
Agricultural Opportunities in MAGIC: Grow Local, Eat Local
The MAGIC subregion holds enormous agricultural resources and opportunities. Protecting these resources and encouraging more local farming would not only boost the local economy and, create jobs, but they could also improve the quality of life and health throughout Metro Boston. Agriculture plays an important role in the Commonwealth’s economy. The 7,700 farms across the state employ 14,000 workers and yield $6 billion in revenue every year.1 According to the latest available U.S. Census of Agriculture in 2007, Metro Boston is home to 110,000 acres of farmland with annual sales of $200 million. MAPC Calendar Page March 2014.

Preserving Agricultural Lands - The Planning Board, Board of Selectmen, and Agricultural Commission met on Thursday, May 16, 2013 for a discussion of potential alternatives for addressing town and landowner goals for preserving Agricultural Lands, facilitated by Mark Racicot, Director of the Land Use Division of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC).  See PowerPoint presentation.

2013 Town Meeting approves acquisition of Church Meadows property -Voters at the Town of Littleton's May 6, 2013 Annual Town Meeting approved the acquisition of the 7.16-acre Church Meadows property at 194 Great Road on Route 2A/119 for agricultural use.  The Congregational Church of Littleton has agreed to sell the property for its appraised value of $415,000. See plan of land.  See map of agricultural soils.

2011 Town Meeting approves zoning amendments to support agriculture- Littleton's May 2, 2011 Annual Town Meeting approved amendments to the zoning by-law to amend the uses allowed on active farms in residential districts and protect the future of the farming economy. Read story from Smart Growth AmericaRead more

Right to Farm By-law, Agricultural Commission - The May 8, 2006 Annual Town Meeting voters passed a Right-to-Farm By-law and established an Agricultural Commission.

Morrison/Nagog Hill Orchard property - The December 13, 1999 Special Town Meeting had voted to acquire the 129-acre Morrison/Nagog Hill Orchard property for $2,930,000. The May 8, 2000 Annual Town Meeting authorized the Board of Selectmen to enter into a ten-year lease with Nagog Fruiters, Inc. for the Morrison/Nagog Hill Orchard property for agricultural purposes. That lease has been extended on a year-by-year basis since 2010.


PPT presentation from May 16, 2013 Public Forum

Map of agricultural soils - Church Meadows, Couper Farm, Fletcher property on Rt. 2A/119

Church Meadows plan of land

Church Meadows purchase & sale agreement

Littleton's Right to Farm by-law

Morrison/Nagog Hill Farm 2000 lease agreement 2009 Open Space Plan inventory (including Chapter 61 land)

Smart Growth America: Spotlight on Sustainability 


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